What are the torrents and how to choose the best free VPN for them

We think you have heard about torrents before. They are used to distribute different files – movies, TV shows, songs, games, various programs and applications. Torrents are most often associated with piracy, but in fact, the distribution of files is legal – you break the law only if you download or distribute content, which is protected by copyright.

What is torrent?

The technology is built on the voluntary integration of user computers into a special network. The purpose of the merger is to exchange files allowed for distribution. A torrent file is a small set of metadata. The files are settled on the PCs of network customers, so you can download them to your computer and, in turn, share them with other users who also need them.

State control over the torrent technology

Because of those users who illegally share the content, many countries and Internet providers block torrent sites or penalize those who download such files. Authorities in many States control the usage of torrent technology. The police officers can easily come to your house if the provider noticed the IP address of the user who distributes / accepts torrents. People in uniform may not even understand the technology, they have another purpose: to confiscate your PC in order to check that you did not distribute the forbidden files. Most likely, you have already heard about such cases.

Such attitude to the torrents is not everywhere. There are countries that perceive the Internet as a free and open place that does not need additional state control and where the presumption of innocence is respected. For example, in Canada, the authorities are very loyal and using this facility does not serve as a reason to meet with the police.

What is the solution?

Fortunately, you will not need to move to Canada or to Luxembourg in order to have access to your torrent-files. You can enter these sites using a VPN service. The application can change your geographical position, so that you seem to visit sites from that region (or country) where the torrents are allowed.

You can really find best free VPN for torrenting in the market, but each of them has limitations – either by the number and location of servers, or by connection speed and network bandwidth. You cannot be completely free in your actions using them.

Paid service provides you with unlimited data traffic and connection speed so you can download torrent files in minutes. It is also impossible to say that paying a subscription will seriously reduce your budget: you can immediately purchase a subscription for a year or two, and at the same time prices will drop to a couple of dollars a month!


If you need a torrent, be sure to use the services of a professional VPN provider. Most of the requirements that you make when selecting the best virtual private network for solving any of your other tasks are no different from the requirements for choosing a provider for torrents. Usually, all that you need is a fast connection, improved security, multiple servers and reliable customer support. Have you ever used VPN? Tell us more in comments.

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