Key differences between proxy servers and VPN software explained

Although proxies and VPNs are both effective in hiding your actual location, these tools are not identical. Anyone who cares about online privacy and data protection should be aware of these important distinctions.

Proxies: They Are Actually Different from VPNs

what is proxy

These digital tools share some of their functions, namely identity protection and elimination of geographic restrictions on content. This explains why the terms are often used as synonyms. But this is not entirely correct, as one of these alternatives offers zero privacy defense.

A proxy tool acts as an intermediary in your data exchange with a website. The second type of software encrypts your whole session, making it impenetrable for malicious parties. Here is a brief look at the main distinctive features revealed by basic proxy VPN comparison.

Why They are Called Proxies

This knowledge is essential for any security-conscious individual who uses the internet, which means practically everybody nowadays. These servers reroute the information exchanged between a client’s internet-connected device and internet pages.

This means that traffic is relayed through a remote machine, which in turn establishes the connection to the host server. Just like the second tool, a proxy server keeps your actual location, i.e., IP address, replaced. This way, the site only detects the IP of the proxy itself. Even basic encryption is notably absent.


A proxy falls into one of the three categories, all of which engage separate applications.

  • HTTP-based

These are only applicable to webpages. A browser equipped with such a tool reroutes all traffic through it. This is effective for general browsing and getting around geo-blocks.

  • SOCKS-based

Despite surpassing HTTP tools in popularity, these servers still only function on the so-called application level. This means they could be used on a game, video streaming app, or a P2P platform. Their popularity accounts for the slower speeds due to the sheer number of users.

  • Transparent

As the name implies, these proxies are normally invisible to users. They may be added by parents or employers with the goal of monitoring and limiting internet activity on a device. You have probably encountered them when traveling. Many hotels implement such tools to vet users connecting to their hotspots.


What Makes VPNs Stand Out?


vpn more protect your data

Basically, these pieces of software do the same thing. They redirect traffic through another server and hide users’ actual IPs. The first difference is the scope. While proxies only work on applications, VPNs engage the whole operating system. This means that all traffic from all apps and browsers is rerouted. In addition to this, it is encrypted.

Not only is your internet provider unable to track your online activity, but you are also shielded from cybercriminal attacks or surveillance. This brings ultimate privacy and security provided that your VPN provider is trustworthy, keeps no logs, and allows no leaks.



Overall, one of these tools is clearly superior to the other. Nowadays, given the rampant hacking, masking one’s IP address is simply insufficient. Although you can surely access geo-restricted pages via a proxy, this does not ensure your data is not exposed. In this regard, VPNs are in essence a step up. They combine IP switching with encryption for safe and unrestricted browsing.


What are the torrents and how to choose the best free VPN for them

We think you have heard about torrents before. They are used to distribute different files – movies, TV shows, songs, games, various programs and applications. Torrents are most often associated with piracy, but in fact, the distribution of files is legal – you break the law only if you download or distribute content, which is protected by copyright.

What is torrent?

The technology is built on the voluntary integration of user computers into a special network. The purpose of the merger is to exchange files allowed for distribution. A torrent file is a small set of metadata. The files are settled on the PCs of network customers, so you can download them to your computer and, in turn, share them with other users who also need them.

State control over the torrent technology

Because of those users who illegally share the content, many countries and Internet providers block torrent sites or penalize those who download such files. Authorities in many States control the usage of torrent technology. The police officers can easily come to your house if the provider noticed the IP address of the user who distributes / accepts torrents. People in uniform may not even understand the technology, they have another purpose: to confiscate your PC in order to check that you did not distribute the forbidden files. Most likely, you have already heard about such cases.

Such attitude to the torrents is not everywhere. There are countries that perceive the Internet as a free and open place that does not need additional state control and where the presumption of innocence is respected. For example, in Canada, the authorities are very loyal and using this facility does not serve as a reason to meet with the police.

What is the solution?

Fortunately, you will not need to move to Canada or to Luxembourg in order to have access to your torrent-files. You can enter these sites using a VPN service. The application can change your geographical position, so that you seem to visit sites from that region (or country) where the torrents are allowed.

You can really find best free VPN for torrenting in the market, but each of them has limitations – either by the number and location of servers, or by connection speed and network bandwidth. You cannot be completely free in your actions using them.

Paid service provides you with unlimited data traffic and connection speed so you can download torrent files in minutes. It is also impossible to say that paying a subscription will seriously reduce your budget: you can immediately purchase a subscription for a year or two, and at the same time prices will drop to a couple of dollars a month!


If you need a torrent, be sure to use the services of a professional VPN provider. Most of the requirements that you make when selecting the best virtual private network for solving any of your other tasks are no different from the requirements for choosing a provider for torrents. Usually, all that you need is a fast connection, improved security, multiple servers and reliable customer support. Have you ever used VPN? Tell us more in comments.

VPN Working With Netflix

It’s no secret Netflix is banned in lots of countries of the world. Willing to watch favorite series and movies, more and more users start taking advantage of VPN services which make it possible for them to easily bypass blocking and enjoy their pastime online. There are lots of Netflix VPN free letting you watch movies and series even if the website is banned in your country, so let’s consider some of them.

What VPN For Netflix Should Be Like

If you’re searching for VPN for Netflix, then take further aspects into account:

  • availability of servers in particular countries of the world;
  • fast connection and unlimited bandwidth;
  • data protection, strong encryption, no log policy and kill switch;
  • possibility to connect several devices simultaneously;
  • twenty four-seven customer support.

So what are the best Netflix VPN free services?

  1. NordVPN

The service ensures fast download speed, as well as has a strict zero log policy. It’s based in Panama which is known for no mandatory data retention law. NordVPN easily bypasses China firewall and is able to operate with its complicated servers system.

Why is NordVPN perfect for watching Netflix?

  • Fast connection and unlimited bandwidth;
  • the service has everything for bypassing blocking;
  • SmartPlay technology;
  • possibility to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously;
  • apps for any device including routers.

It’s a perfect choice for watching high-quality movies and series. You can choose any of the 5000 servers located in 62 countries of the world.

  1. ExpressVPN

Using ExpressVPN, you become able to access Netflix and bypass blocking. Why choose ExpressVPN for watching Netflix?

  • It has 148 servers in 94 counties of the globe;
  • easily bypasses blocking;
  • has strict privacy policy never logging the data;
  • has apps for a number of platforms.

ExpressVPN lets you browse anonymously, as well as has encrypted DNS on every server.

  1. CyberGhost

The server provides twenty four-seven customer support, is known for high speed and no log policy. The app can be installed on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. The pros are:

  • unblocks Netflix;
  • fast connection;
  • no logs and strict privacy policy;
  • chat customer support;
  • possibility to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously.

The application is really user-friendly and easy to understand.

  1. VyprVPN

VyprVPN lets you bypass blocking; however, you will only be able to watch Netflix catalog for the USA. The pros of the service are:

  • protects your security and works really fast;
  • bypasses any blocks;
  • provides unlimited data usage.

The service won’t let third parties monitor your activity so you can be sure you’re safe when surfing the web.

How to install torrents with VPN

The busy world sets new rules for people: annoying daily routine, business negotiations, comprehensive daily schedule – all these make us feel tired. Sometimes it is necessary to pack luggage for a journey or probably watch new serials on HBO to relax. But, what to do if you cannot get access to the desired content due to the regional restrictions? Why do you receive those strange complains from Microsoft team about copyright violations when using torrent? The answer is clear: you have to choose the VPN for torrents.

How to make the right choice

Our collection of VPN for Windows will help web users to download the content anonymously and safely. These programs will secure your IP address and help you to access torrents all over the world. The rating presents both the category of free VPN-services and solutions with an abundance of paid tariffs for every taste. Read, choose and enjoy the security of access to the Internet.

General criteria

When selecting the encrypting services for torrents, it is vital to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1.      Anonymous torrents;
  2.      The rating;
  3.      The number of countries;
  4.      Browser plugins;
  5.      License type.

There is no doubt that you will make the right choice if considering these criteria. Let’s analyze them together.

Anonymous torrents

First of all, you have to check the list of VPN providers working with torrents. Surprisingly, not each of them can offer such services, because their servers may be located in the countries with unfriendly legislation. You can pay your attention to PureVPN, NordVPN, HideMeVPN, Hotspot Shield or Hideman as they provide such services to their customers.

The rating

The rating of providers shows their correspondence with the common requirements for VPN. In common, they should meet the following conditions:

  •        Auto mode;
  •        Manual customization of key parameters;
  •        Anonymous surfing;
  •        Access to blocked sites;
  •        Video/streaming watching;
  •        Ad blocker;
  •        Anonymous torrent, etc.

Due to the point listed above, the most reliable services are PureVPN, NordVPN, and HideMeVPN.

The number of countries

This parameter is important as it shows the number of states, which host the supporting servers of VPN so you can set up different virtual locations for different programs. For example, you can configure the United States location for streaming videos, Ukraine for torrents, the Russian Federation for social networks, etc.

PureVPN holds absolutely leading positions according to these criteria, as it works in 141 States all over the world.

Browser plugins

This option is useful if you download torrent files through your home browser. Moreover, it offers the ability to watch videos and listen to music anywhere without any regional restrictions.

The license type

There are several options available for such services: trial, free and paid. Most of the paid services have a higher rating, as well as they, meet the major requirements of clients. Some suppliers offer the money-back guarantee.


Now you know probably everything to choose and configure the best VPN service for torrents. If you still have any questions – feel free to ask us in comments.  


How to Use Free VPN for Torrent

People from USA remember the times when there was a free of charge Napster network. At the beginning of 2000s, the huge catalog of music was in free access for everyone. However, the decline of this service came very fast. The lawyers of sound companies immediately finished this era.

The Napster Peering Network has become an online music store that was later acquired by the Rhapsody music service. In the meantime, data users required a new platform to share content without charge. It was the beginning of a new torrent brotherhood.

The activity of torrents is prohibited in the United States today, but the torrent community survived. In this article, we will talk about torrents, focus our attention on the crucial role of VPN networks in this matter and describe in detail how to use them.

  1.      The torrents

These files include different multimedia content: singles and videos, games, adult movies, apps and images that users wish to receive, but don’t want to buy it. In order to download such files, you have to find a community site. These websites usually have a “list” of torrent files from which to select. These programs work on the peering principle. People can download files from the gadgets of the torrent-members who get access to the complete file. As you can guess, such resources often have troubles with the law.

  1.      The role of VPN

The lawyers, who operate in the entertainment sphere, help to capture content suppliers. They deliver them an extract from the “Copyright Protection Act in the digital age” with a request to end the prohibited sharing.  They can track user`s peering activity. The VPN role is to hide IP address of the client, and consequently those users are not responsible for their actions anymore.

Not all the VPN providers work with torrents. It depends on where the head office of the company is registered. If the office is located in a State where the sharing of copyright property is not strictly tracked, then the provider allows you to share torrent files.

  1.      How to use VPN

In order to organize your torrent-activity, you should start from the following steps:

  1.      Purchase the subscription or choose the free VPN for torrenting among the most trustful services. Use the clients` feedbacks to decide;
  2.      Use the trial period to be confident that it meets all your requirements;
  3.      Make sure that it has the emergency disconnect function;
  4.      Find out if VPN offers the protection against DNS leaks;
  5.      Ask the online support team if you have any questions.


It is uncertain what will happen next with torrents. Giving our respect to the long fight for copyrights, Internet-users are getting used to the Netflix or HBO that are cheap, and offer legal content.

Nevertheless, approximately 30 million users download at least one torrent file every day. Mostly they select trustful VPN applications. This approach guarantees you fully protected access to your favorite content.