How to Use Free VPN for Torrent

People from USA remember the times when there was a free of charge Napster network. At the beginning of 2000s, the huge catalog of music was in free access for everyone. However, the decline of this service came very fast. The lawyers of sound companies immediately finished this era.

The Napster Peering Network has become an online music store that was later acquired by the Rhapsody music service. In the meantime, data users required a new platform to share content without charge. It was the beginning of a new torrent brotherhood.

The activity of torrents is prohibited in the United States today, but the torrent community survived. In this article, we will talk about torrents, focus our attention on the crucial role of VPN networks in this matter and describe in detail how to use them.

  1.      The torrents

These files include different multimedia content: singles and videos, games, adult movies, apps and images that users wish to receive, but don’t want to buy it. In order to download such files, you have to find a community site. These websites usually have a “list” of torrent files from which to select. These programs work on the peering principle. People can download files from the gadgets of the torrent-members who get access to the complete file. As you can guess, such resources often have troubles with the law.

  1.      The role of VPN

The lawyers, who operate in the entertainment sphere, help to capture content suppliers. They deliver them an extract from the “Copyright Protection Act in the digital age” with a request to end the prohibited sharing.  They can track user`s peering activity. The VPN role is to hide IP address of the client, and consequently those users are not responsible for their actions anymore.

Not all the VPN providers work with torrents. It depends on where the head office of the company is registered. If the office is located in a State where the sharing of copyright property is not strictly tracked, then the provider allows you to share torrent files.

  1.      How to use VPN

In order to organize your torrent-activity, you should start from the following steps:

  1.      Purchase the subscription or choose the free VPN for torrenting among the most trustful services. Use the clients` feedbacks to decide;
  2.      Use the trial period to be confident that it meets all your requirements;
  3.      Make sure that it has the emergency disconnect function;
  4.      Find out if VPN offers the protection against DNS leaks;
  5.      Ask the online support team if you have any questions.


It is uncertain what will happen next with torrents. Giving our respect to the long fight for copyrights, Internet-users are getting used to the Netflix or HBO that are cheap, and offer legal content.

Nevertheless, approximately 30 million users download at least one torrent file every day. Mostly they select trustful VPN applications. This approach guarantees you fully protected access to your favorite content.