What is CoreExpress®?

CoreExpress® is an advanced Computer On Module (COM) specification optimized for state-of-the-art ultra-low-power processors like Intel's Atom and VIA's Nano. This development lead to a tiny board measuring only 58mm by 65mm, and weighting just about 28 grams. Its very low power requirements (a mere 5 watts) makes it the ideal candidate for small, battery-powered, and wearable embedded PC devices.


CoreExpress® 2.1 Specification (545KB PDF)

Press Release

Long Lifecycle

CoreExpress is an altogether new modular design, able to handle today's advancements in technology and serves as a base for new and future embedded PC applications. Because this focus on the future, all legacy interfaces and functions have been eliminated. All analog signal have been banned from the CoreExpress connector to avoid signal interference between digital and analog elements interspersed on the same connector. Components have been and will be selected with guaranteed availability for seven years or more. Industrial applications may typically run pretty much unchanged for even longer periods of time. They need to be upgraded or expanded from time to time with the same or compatible qualified products.
The CoreExpress design is modular, flexible and designed for long productive live, including upgrades, as required in most industrial and professional applications.

Legacy-Free Design

A CoreExpress module does not support legacy I/O. These functions can be implemented on the carrier board using USB bridges, if required. There are no analog signals on CoreExpress interfaces. The purely digital concept gives the user maximum flexibility when selecting component for the interfaces required by the application.

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