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Low Power. Advanced Technologies. Open Standards. In today's economy, device manufacturers (OEMs) want to use off-the-shelf electronic building blocks where possible, then add in-house technology to complete their applications. Sourcing proprietary components, or relying upon superficial originator-run "spec groups", increases the risk of frequent revisions and obsolescence.

What is the SFF-SIG?

The Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG) is an independent non-profit industry group of active members who develop, promote, and support small form factor CPU, RAM, SSD and I/O specifications with long lifecycles.

Why Another Trade Group?

Since there wasn't an existing organization devoted to all aspects of building small form factor systems, and one-off groups are not reaching critical mass, the SFF-SIG was created as an open venue for originators of new specifications to establish, promote and maintain standards. As a result, the SFF-SIG has rapidly become the only industry group with an entire family of SBC, COM, Stackable, Rugged RAM and SSD / Flash form factor specifications with interfaces optimized for the new sub-10W single-chip x86 and ARM SoCs including Intel's Atom™, AMD's Embedded G-Series, VIA's Nano™ and Freescale's i.MX family processors.

What are the latest developments at the SIG?

A Working Group completed the XR-DIMM™ memory specification to address the market need for truly reliable & rugged RAM modules, using board-to-board connectors rather than the very thin gold flashing found on commercial grade RAM sticks. More manufacturers are coming on line; visit the XR-DIMM page to learn more.

Is there an easy migration path for PC/104?

Yes. Choose a SUMIT-expandable SBC to preserve the use of your PC/104 I/O cards without having to re-engineer your software for PCI or PCI Express interfaces. Learn more on the Legacy Migration page.

Is there a list of products compatible with SFF-SIG specs?

The specifications themselves are available free of charge and without having to give personal contact information and wait for a response. Simply click on the spec name in the upper left corner of this page. Click on the Search button in the box below to find products; filtering is optional.

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What is the group's structure?

The SFF-SIG is a worldwide trade group based in Silicon Valley, run by an independent president who is not affiliated with any member company. Having an independent president means equal opportunity for members without undue bias or favoritism, following the proven model of large form factor / card cage trade groups.

Working Groups are formed to address specific topics in detail. All members may join the Working Groups, thereby ensuring broad perspectives, inputs and reviews. Voting Members cast votes on the resulting specifications. After approval, specs are published and under strict change control for the long term by the relevant Working Group.

Should your company join the SFF-SIG?

If your company wants to participate in or stay abreast of the development of important new standards shaping the evolution of electronics systems you should consider membership. The SFF-SIG is open to parties interested in working together to create specifications that can turn into future industry standards. Click on the Join Us button below.

The SFF-SIG encourages developer and end user outreach and community for direct exchange of ideas and suggestions. Drop us a line any time!

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